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Combating Misinformation,
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What is Project Jagaran? It’s a drive to elevate digital literacy in Nepal. By tackling misinformation, we empower individuals to exercise their right to information more effectively, paving the way for a digitally literate Nepalese society.

Our Story

In today’s fast-paced digital world, misinformation, disinformation, and hate speech can spread like wildfire, leading to devastating consequences for individuals and communities.

With Project Jagaran, we aim to educate people on how to critically evaluate information, identify and decode fake news, and understand the impact of misinformation on society.

Community Focused

Our events are community focused.

Youth Engaging

We focus on engagement of youth to tackle misinformation.


Our events are focused on learning with engagement.


We believe in collaborative efforts with the community.

To create an informed, resilient, and digitally literate society in Nepal where individuals can discern, analyze, and respond to information with critical understanding, contributing to the cultivation of a truth-centric, knowledgeable community.
Project Jagaran is dedicated to empowering the people of Nepal with essential digital literacy skills and the tools to identify and counter misinformation. Our mission is to facilitate access to accurate information, promote critical thinking, and foster a culture of informed decision-making through comprehensive educational programs, workshops, and community engagement initiatives.
Meet the Team

Our Team

Aakriti Shrestha

Media Student

Awan Shrestha

Computer Engineer

Dr. Bhuwan Raj Giri


Bibek K Suman

Business Student

Bibek Lal Karn


Bishal Khadka

Digital Media Analyst

Ishwor Thapaliya

MBBS Student

Manoj Puri

Environment Student

Srija Khanal

Think Tank

What Others say
Project Jagaran seems to be a good initiative for teaching students about Digital Literacy.
Simon KC, Student