An Initiative to Empower Nepalese Youths with Digital Literacy

Combating Misinformation, 

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What is Project Jagaran? It’s a drive to elevate digital literacy in Nepal. By tackling misinformation, we empower individuals to exercise their right to information more effectively, paving the way for a digitally literate Nepalese society.

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Why Project Jagaran


Misinformation, disinformation, and malinformation pose a growing problem in the digital world.

Fake News

The Spread of fake news is faster than real news, causing confusion, distrust, and threatening democracy.

Hate Speech

Hate speech accompanying misinformation exacerbates social tensions and discrimination.

Project Jagaran

To create an informed, resilient, and digitally literate society in Nepal where individuals can discern, analyze, and respond to information with critical understanding, contributing to the cultivation of a truth-centric, knowledgeable community.

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How Project Jagaran

Info Sessions

Project Jagaran's info and lecture sessions are concise, enlightening experiences designed to educate participants about the basics of misinformation and digital literacy. These sessions serve as a foundation, offering essential insights into identifying, understanding, and countering misinformation effectively.

Fact Checking

Project Jagaran's fact-checking sessions are dynamic and practical workshops focused on teaching the art of discerning fact from fiction. Participants learn vital techniques and tools to verify information, fostering a critical approach to the content they encounter online. We run live fact checking tasks for students to apply their knowledge during the session.


Project Jagaran incorporates gamification as a creative and engaging approach to learning. These sessions use interactive games and challenges that simulate real-world scenarios, making the complex subject of digital literacy and misinformation both fun and accessible.