Bridging the Information Gap: Project Jagaran’s Press Meet in Biratnagar

With love from Biratnagar!

On a bright morning in Biratnagar, we convened a significant meeting with the city’s esteemed press representatives.

In recent times, Biratnagar, like many other regions, has witnessed the rapid spread of false information, affecting public opinion and sometimes even leading to unwarranted panic. The rise of social media has exacerbated this issue, making it more challenging to discern fact from fiction.

Our Project Lead, Srija Khanal, provided an illuminating overview of how misinformation spreads and its potential dangers. “Our goal is not just to combat false narratives but also to empower individuals to critically evaluate information,” she stated.

Project Jagaran is poised to launch several initiatives, including digital literacy workshops.

Together, we can bridge the information gap and create a more informed and resilient community.

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