Project Jagaran: Shaping Digital Literacy at Arniko College

Charting New Paths in Education

In the heart of Biratnagar, a significant step was taken by Project Jagaran as we neared the execution phase of our mission. A pivotal meeting was organized with Mr. Rajesh Karki, the esteemed Principal of Arniko +2 College.

The conversation centered around the essence of Project Jagaran. We delved into discussions about the project’s significance in today’s digital landscape and its potential to positively impact the youth. Mr. Karki’s insights provided a valuable educational perspective.

The highlight of the meeting was Mr. Karki’s commitment to collaborate with Project Jagaran. This partnership aims to foster digital literacy and critical thinking among students, equipping them to navigate the complexities of the digital world.

Together, we strive for a more informed and digitally literate society.

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